I am a Client focused trainer. Each and every person carries a luggage of personal experiences (positive or negative), practices, inspirations, wishes, and so on. My main job as a fitness professional is to fully understand my clients’ needs as well as their opportunities to grow and put them into practice.


Executive Leadership Coach

I have 2 x 1 hour sessions a week with Francesco.  We train outside in the park come rain or shine - it is invigorating and beautiful to be out in the open air.  Francesco started gently and sensitively, in order to correctly guage my fitness level and limitations.  Session by session he stretches me some more, which combined with his knowledge of how the body works, results now in a rigorous varied full-body work-out. I'm feeling great - thank you Francesco!


Personal Trainer

I've been training Satria Arts with Francesco for nearly a year now! Francesco is a exellent teacher and good role model! For the past year we have been working on speed, movement, body flow, flexibility and varity of techniques! I'll recommend Francesco to anyone who would like to change their life!


Estate agent

I have been training with Fran for about a month now and it has completely changed me for the good. I have a lot more energy on a day to day basis, and feel a lot better overall. Fran also explains every stretch and exercise and informed me of the benefits. I would definitely recommend Fran to friends and family an continue training with him! 


Yoga and Pilates teacher

My training routine with Fran, is based on the study of the movement. His classes, focused on martial arts, are a huge support for developing and improving my yoga and biomechanics. Highly recommended if you want go deeper in your field, from yoga and martial arts, to any other sport or fitness.


A Holistic approach to Fitness aiming towards the overall physical wellbeing, regardless of age, gender or fitness level. 


During the past years I had the opportunity to practice different form of martial arts, fighting sports, yoga styles, and meditations.


Besides that, I also have a Master of Science in Interaction Design, taken at the University of Technology of Delft in Holland. There, I have put into practice many user-centered techniques that I still use today with my clients. This is a specific approach that provides solutions based on my clients’ needs and wishes.



I offer different programmes and disciplines to provide an easy, fun, and effective way of training.



Personal Trainer - Martial Arts - Yoga

Tel: +44 787 99 090 78

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