Martial Arts

The Styles I currently teach are:

Satria Fighting Arts

SFA is a dynamic and highly effective form of ancient martial art for our modern day.

It covers all aspects of combat: going through ground and upright fighting, one-on-one opponent to multiple attackers, close combat to long range fighting, empty hand techniques to using soft and hard weapons.

The SFA can be applied for self-defence scenarios in many given situations, and it is highly applicable in modern times. Our daily environment play an important role in self-defence. SFA promotes and teaches heighten levels of awareness.


Western Boxing

Boxing is a unique fighting sport, which influenced many modern fighting arts, from MMA to Thai Boxe. 

During my travels, I have practiced mainly the Italian and South American styles. While the first one focus more on good structure and closed defence, the second one stresses more open stances, counters and shots to the body.

Boxing provides a great source of knowledge not only for fighters and martial artists, but also for anyone interested in improving his/her speed, coordination, balance, timing, etc.

Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts evolved from the meeting of the Spanish fencing and the Filipino Indigenous fighting arts. 

Many styles can be found around the Archipelago, and each community has its own style. FMA are renewed for the use of sticks, traditional machetes and knifes as well as bare hand techniques called Panantukan. 

The styles I have studied are :

Inosanto system, founded by the famous Dan Inosanto; it is a style focused on closing and breaking the opponents limbs.

Kombatan founded by Ernesto Pesas, is more dynamic and it is based on footwork and quick movements around the opponent.

Traditional Archery

Archery has been used by mankind for thousands of years for fighting, hunting and sport. 

I personally practice and teach traditional instinctive archery as a meditation tool, using different form of breathing that help me to stay focused throughout the day.